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I have known Dusan Dernovsek some 12 years ago. We met through a mutual friends of ours. Our acquaintances matured to friendship as the years went on I have been to his home and vice versa. He used to have fantastic parties, he loves people. I am always fascinated by people who worked hard and made a success.

He came out here some 50 years ago with another countryman, across Europe and landed in Sydney. These 2 young men, adventurers, from day one started cooking from a single gas ring to good time girls at an East Sydney boarding house. I should have said earlier enterprising young men.

From then on they have progressed and ran a delicatessen in Paddington, which was very successful. They made some goodies which they sold from the shop. They parted some time later and went their separate ways. Dusan never looked back and became more successful, he ran a coffee lounge on Wynyard Ramp for many years.

He was very close to his family and shared his success. His mother came out visiting some 26 times, and his eldest sister also visited here. His younger sister visited him 37 times from Slovenia. He shared his success with his family and has spoiled them, sparing no expense.

The last 5 years we discovered he had something in common – cooking. We became friends and confidants to each other. We confided to each other. We shopped at Supermarkets, we attended MAG meetings.

Our friendship was sealed 2 years ago. I got sick when I was overseas. I thought it was it. I was not allowed to fly back home. For 2 months Dusan phoned me every week to find out my recovery progress. I am indebted to him ever since.

I treasure my friends, sometimes more than my adoring family. He was a friend. I’ll miss you Dusan. It’s very sad. Love Joe.

(Dusan passed away on 22.1.2004).

by Joe