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Articles: Member Tributes

Peter and his kites are truly awe-inspiring. Peter is the second living person to be elected by his peers to the Hall of Fame in the World Kite Museum, Long Beach, Washington USA. His kites have been exhibited in several cathedrals of capital cities throughout the world, and there is a proposal to exhibit them in about two years in St John The Devine Cathedral in New York – the Cathedral with the largest dome in the world! Peter is an honorary member of the Japanese Kite Association and it was through Peter’s kites that the Bondi Festival of the Winds started. Peter has been invited as judge and participant in all major, international kite festivals including those in China’s mainland, in Taiwan, in Thailand, Malaysia, Holland, Britain and the USA.

As a part of the 2001 and 2002 Mardi Gras celebrations, Peter has organised the spectacular events – MAG flies the kites of Peter Travis – which were held in February for the last 2 years.