Age Gays


Committee 2023 – 2025

MAG has an Executive Committee comprising a President, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to five committee members, together with Steve Ostrow, the founder of MAG.

All members of the Committee are elected bi-annually. Membership Fees due from 1/7/23 $20 per yr.


About the founder:

Steve Ostrow

Having served 6 years as MAG President, in addition to being the Project Officer, Steve also previously served on the Executive Board of MAG as ACON Liaison Officer.

Now retired from the stage, Steve was also the director of the Sydney Academy of Vocal Arts and was a vocal coach to many of Australia’s best young performers.

Steve’s autobiography Saturday Night at the Baths is riveting reading. A film documentary is now being prepared for final edit & release.


The Founder of MAG:

Steve Ostrow


Office Bearers:

Steve Warren


Lewis Turtur

Vice President

Trevor Pritchard


Michael Maher & Roland Mengyel (shared)


Committee Members:

Justin Grogan

Wayne Youngman

Ross McKinnon

MAG's Sub-committees

The MAG Executive Committee is empowered to set up subcommittees.

Currently, MAG has a variety of active subcommittees including:

  • A Catering Subcommittee – to assist with food preparation at meetings
  • MAGIC – MAG In The Community – initially to support members who are ill, in hospital, or need help with chores such as shopping but with plans to expand to supporting the queer community as a whole

MAG members are active in ACON packing days for safe sex kits, and in fighting for justice for gays in the community.