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Harry West & John O’Dea are back from a leisurely two months in Ireland, Turkey and the Greek Islands. Harry writes:

Lunch on a cliff top restaurant at Santorini, a Greek Island in the Agean Sea. Harry West (right) with his partner John O’Dea.
“Ireland was moist and green with miles of flowering fuchsia, hedges along the roads and colourful begonias flowering everywhere. There was some tension in Belfast and Londonderry but many local people feel that the gap dividing them has closed measurably in recent times.

The Greek Island retain their magical charm, only disturbed by the hundreds of noisy motor scooters used by their hordes of tourists.

Turkey measured up to its reputation as a living museum, built up to its present size of 10 million people over 4000 years. Ten days there gave us an insight into the splendor, power and cruelty of the Ottoman Empire and an understanding of the people’s veneration for Kemal Ataturk, founder of the present republic. The visit to Gallipoli and the crossing of the Dardanelles were essential features of an Australian’s visit to Turkey.

We came home via Singapore where the inspiring Changi War Cemetery is meticulously maintained.”