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Herb Compton travelled South America in May 1988 with a National Trust archaeological tour, In January this year he joined a Trust Tour of Argentina and Chile. Here are some of Herb’s travel notes:

City of Punta Arenas overlooking Straits of Magellan

“I liked the look and feel of Buenos Airies and I hope to see it again. I was reminded of big European cities like Madrid and Paris. Sophisticated, well dressed people, beautiful parks, high old trees.

We flew to Punta Arenas at latitude 53 degrees south in Chile, saw the Straits of Magellan, and then spent several days touring Patagonia. We stayed two nights at Hosteria Lago Grey. Not the ultimate in luxury but one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in peaceful, comfortable, with welcoming staff, delicious food and always in view of the glacier and gagged peaks of Torres del Paine.

City of Punta Arenas overlooking Straits of Magellan
Ushuaia, on the south coast of the Terra del Fuego, calls itself the southern-most city in the world. There we had a farewell dinner for those who were cruising down to Antarctica. Others in the group sailed down to the Beagle Channel in the wake of Charles Darwin to see sea lions and penguins.

Back to Buenos Aires and then 24 hours in the subtropical north of Argentina. The Iguazu Falls for me were the most beautiful sight of the whole trip and the Iguazu Sheraton my favorite hotel.”

Herb then had a day alone in Buenos Airies, trying to find a gay sauna. (Unfortunately he had the 1993-94 edition of “Spartacus”)