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No room for the fainthearted here: a tanned naked spunk on the slab and silence from the masses as Adam demonstrated the art of bodyshaving. Shaving ‘down there’ is a custom traced back thousands of years. Some men shave all of it – anus, penis and scrotum too. Others just like it manicured – they stay hairy but clip it short, even and neat. Whatever, the night was a turn-on: hair is sexy and so is smoothness. Alternatives to shaving include bleaching, waxing, depilatory creams. electrolysis, epilators and lasers.

Interested? Call Adam on 0413 726 130 for further information or to make an appointment at his Redfern studio or an outcall consultation.

The well-shaved Dokta Who writes:

I was glad to hear Adam stress the hygienic function of hair, and pleased to see him apply a Tea Tree Oil skin wash before shaving his mate. Hair protects your anus, penis, scrotum and armpits from dirt, bacteria and friction. If you remove it, use more soap and water and give a thought to silken undies. Above all, follow Adam’s advice: use a fresh razor blade, keep the skin taut and work slowly. Even then, if you have sex during the following 24 hours, you and your partner may be at risk of infection from tiny unseen cuts and abrasions.