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ommon sense ways to stay responsive to those come-hither glances.

The All Boys tour of China encouraged some to discover Oriental approaches to increasing sexual responsiveness. I hear several couples bought little blue pills – obviously some form of Viagra – and various sexual tonics. While I have heard no bedroom whispers, I’m pleased they took the opportunity. We all look for love, we all feel desire. It’s common sense to look for ways to stay responsive to those come-hither glances. Apart from vigour, some of the tonics and medicines offered to the Chinese travellers addressed prostate problems.

Given that health care is a worry for everyone and a financial burden for most, what can you do? At $65, the world’s most effective remedy for erectile dysfunction – Viagra – is a luxury. The federal government’s attitude – that taking Viagra is a ‘lifestyle choice’ – blocks it from ever reaching the Pharmaceutical Benefits list.

Well, if you want more pleasure, spend a few dollars on a Reflex massage. These days there are massage booths in most shopping centres. Look at the Foot Chart carefully – massaging one point on the sole makes the Family Jewels shine brighter.

Exercise is essential; your choice of food is decisive. Walk energetically for 20 minutes every day if you can. Remember that a high-fat diet stops even Viagra from working. And so does grog. Ever wondered why Asians end their meals with watermelons, guava and citrus? Or why Greeks, Italians and Spaniards love their tomatoes? These fruits all have an antioxidant that research shows may help the prostate.

Zinc is very good for the prostate: it generally produces a noticeable increase in ejaculate and is often the principal listed ingredient in China’s sex potency tablets. At Serafim’s Pharmacy in Taylor Square, Blackmore’s Zinvit (which also contains Magnesium) is very popular. Low levels of another mineral, Selenium, can cause prostate problems. Put some fresh garlic in your salad; eat more shellfish or chicken.

The other vital ingredient in traditional tonics and pills is a circulatory stimulant. Erections depend on nerves and tissues that control the flow of blood into the arteries and restrict the flow out through the veins. Ginseng and Gingko biloba help with this.

Addressing physical symptoms alone may not be enough. Indifference to sex often stems from disappointment, anxiety, hardship and grief. Finding a doctor who is gay -someone to whom you can talk openly – is often the first step.

For example, Taylor Square Clinic in Sydney bulk bills and spaces every appointment at generous 20 minute intervals. Their doctors do listen. Another practice that advertises regularly to the gay and lesbian community is Holdsworth House in Oxford Street. Both practices are within easy walking distance from Museum railway station. And remember that MAG itself is a discreet source of help in need. (See the MAG’s details section in the Newsletter for Contact names and phone numbers.)

Warning: If you use Amyl, never use Viagra.

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