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Why is ‘doing it’ important?

  1. Arousal creates a fresh supply of the five neurotransmitters that make you feel good. Even when you’re too weary for activity, remember that cuddling is as important as thrusting; kissing and holding hands are as soothing to many as standing at a glory hole is for others. When you’re alone, test that new ‘leather-scented’ lube as you hit the Replay button on the 11th minute of ‘Hot Brazilian Truckers’.
  2. Over at Gay Games, they’re whispering it to everyone: if you want to lose weight then remember that a bonk burns anything from 200 to 400 calories.
  3. And my colleague ‘Doctor on the Loose’ said to remind you about the 30% boost that bonking produces in IgA (a natural chemical that helps fight infection).
  4. Men who watch 20 hours of television or more a week are twice as likely to develop Type 2 (late-onset) diabetes as men who limit themself to an hour or less. Why are you laughing? Are you over 50? Diabetes is a real possibility. Unless it’s hereditary, however, you can prevent it. Do more exercise, eat less and better, make love more often.

    Don’t panic but remember this: sometimes there are no symptoms.

    Don’t ignore what’s happening: if you feel tired and lethargic, piss often, get frequent infections, have blurred vision or numb/tingling feet or legs, go to a gay doctor tomorrow because guys often dismiss the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes as just another sign of ageing. Are you often thirsty? That’s another warning sign.

    Type 2 diabetes is usually controlled by healthy eating and regular exercise; some blokes do require tablets but some have to inject insulin.

The web sites to check are Diabetes Australia and Lifetoolz.