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Self Determination

We have a commitment to the self determination and empowerment of gay men, and recognise the gay communities ownership over the development and delivery of gay education services

Gay and Sex Positive

A gay and sex positive response is incorporated in all education work, including the promotion and development of a positive attitude to homosexuality, homosexual sex, gay culture and gay community.

Commitment to the Ottawa Charter

Health promotion ensures gay men increase control over, and improve, their health. We do this by building healthy public policy, creating supportive environments, strengthening community action, reorienting health services, and developing personal skills.


We recognise that gay men are adults capable of making informed choices. Our role is to provide gay men with whatever support, skills, understanding or information they need to make choices, and then to sustain them.

Acceptance of the complexity of gay men’s lives

We understand that gay men’s lives are full of complexities, particularly in coping with the AIDS epidemic. Decision making processes are not necessarily straightforward, rational processes.

Recognition of diversity

We recognise that gay men are diverse. We have different cultural, education, social backgrounds and different interests. We choose to live our lives in many different ways. Education acknowledges these differences and recognises the need to prioritise targeting.


The HIV/AIDS epidemic constantly presents us with new challenges. We recognise that to adequately respond we need to maintain flexibility in our education programs.