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Articles: Guest Speakers

Jeffrey Ringer, an American professor currently living and working in Asia, visited Sydney for two and a half weeks and interviewed 16 men, including some MAG members and four guys in their 20s, about their relationships with other men.

“I was very happy with the results of the trip,” he said later. ‘And if I lived in Sydney I’d become a MAG member.’

“Men produce many different types and forms of relationships. Some of the partners were of similar age but some were of significantly different age. Some described falling deeply romantically in love with their partner but some described feeling an overwhelming sense of comfort with their partner. Some felt committed to their partners within only a few days while some negotiated commitment over a few years. Some are monogamous but some are not. Some were open in theory but not in practice. Some are highly sexual, with sex playing an important role in the relationship, but for some partners sex plays a minor role. Some partners described their partners as fulfilling all their needs while some meet their needs through connections with a variety of people.”