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Thoughts on religion by Steve Ostrow

And in my dream, all the peoples in the world, all 6 billion of us, gathered together to try to formulate a new religion, one which all of us could embrace. When we were asked what precepts we would like to see in this new religion, some said, ‘How about a god that created the heavens and the earth?’ There was much applause for this.

Then another said, ‘How about God summoning all of us to ascend a mountain and receive 2 stone tablets on which were inscribed 10 Commandments which would be instructions on an ethical way of life?’ Well, everyone liked that one and applauded.

Then there were some who said, ‘How about we have a guy that so loves the world that he dies on a cross for what he believes in?’ Much, much applause for that one.

‘Hey,’ said some others, ‘how about a guy who takes himself into the wilderness for 45 years to sit under a tree, reflecting on life, and then gives us the benefit of all his learning and wisdom?’ Real enthusiasm and applause.

And so it went for days and days, with every religious concept that we know proclaimed and accepted.

Finally, on the last day of the convention, the question was asked: ‘Okay, but what name do we give this god of love and good?’

It was then that I ventured, ‘Why not just call him .”Good”?’

For a while there was stunned silence. And then, ‘Yeah, but what do we call the religion?’

Again there were those that yelled, ‘How about .”Judaism”?’ Another called out: ‘What about .”Christianity”?’ Yet another, ‘Why not .”Buddhism”?’ Still another: ‘How about we call ourselves .”Muslims”?’ Another called, ‘What about “Hindus”?’ And so on it went.

Once again I ventured, ‘Why not just call it .”Love”, and we would all be .”Lovers”?’

It was then that I awoke. But I had found my God…and my religion.