MAG (Mature Age Gay) Sydney

2006 Mardi Gras Parade


This year would have to have been our best ever Parade entry. 44 passengers travelled in style along the route on the top deck of a double decker bus. We were No. 85 out of 112 entries in the Parade. I quote the description given in the Sydney Star Observer: "MAGS R US on a Double Decker Bus. MAG - Mature Age Gays Experience is everything. These guys are mature, gay and proud of it. They'l be partying in style in an open roofed double-decker bus. Eat your heart out Priscilla!"

Our bus turning into Liverpool Street

John, John & Bradley

These pics courtesy of Michelle of Photomedia. Please speak to David to order them. A Book of all pics will be at each MAG Meeting to view.

MAGNoelia from Brissy and Dame Dolly

Jon, Dame Dolly & Erroll after the Investiture Ceremony

"Ticket please", asks our Driver Bobby of our young damsel

Jon from Manchester knighting our Dolly - will now be known as Dame Dolly - Order of the Gay Garter.

Kitty litter, MAGNoelia, Suzie Wong & Chai

Steve wants YOU for next years Bus

Some of our colourful passengers. Check out and then click on the Sydney Mardi Gras 2006 video. Approx 3 minutes into the video a MAG celebrity appears - none other than our own Miss Suzie Wong, in her own purple creation, mincing up Elizabeth Street and giving the camera a little wave

Erroll & Jon with our Cardinal

Smiling Ian

John & Damian helping an old lady

Gordon with his colourful T shirt

John with a young lady - going that way

Dame Dolly Devine - Chief Bus Conductress
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