MAG (Mature Age Gay) Sydney

2007 Fair Day

What a day - MAG was there with silver flags flying, and it was a nice breeze that blew the flags including our large rainbow flag too. I am pleased to announce that we made just over $2,000 profit, which was great seeing we could not sell our usual adult education material, as the Fair Day was classed as a 'Family Friendly Fair Day'. So much for family friendly when there was alcohol being sold on site. I had an absolutely terrific day despite it being very long for myself, as I left my home at 6:30am and returned at 11:00pm, after delivering the unsold plants back to John's home at Woronora. A big thank you to all who assisted us on the day.

Neville, Erroll & Peter at raffle ticket table

Early morning pic of our 2 Stalls

Our Jam Stall

Harry & John at the Plant Stall

Dame Dolly & friends

Kelvin and Dame Dolly

Dame Dolly & Lionel
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