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2007 Christmas Party

What another outstanding evening! Our 2007 Christmas Party was one to remember. We had plenty of good food, [many thanks to our Catering Committee and all who brought in goodies], good company and our Entertainer, JBear - what a performance he gave us. Three 20 minutes shows, sing-alongs, great costumes, mood lighting. I do hope all present had a great evening, as I most certainly. By the time we had packed up it was well after 11pm. My sincere thanks to JBear and his Manager, Noel, for a magnificent effort. It certainly put all in the Festive mood.

Another shot of the guys waiting to be entertained by JBear

JBear's final outfit was definitely an eye full

Good shot of some of the guys Front row - Leo, Kelvin, Dr Jon from Manchester [arms folded] who is the representative of all the Queens of England and Coogee Michael. Lots of smiling faces at the back.

Photo taken during one of JBear's change of outfits

One of our supper table. Plenty of good food for all to enjoy and they did!

Dame Dolly Devine

Damian and his Christmas Bear and Dame Dolly

The hunky JBear and Dame Dolly Devine

JBear and John dancing
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