MAG (Mature Age Gay) Sydney

2008 Mardi Gras Parade

The Fire Still Burns....

Our Bus looked resplendent in red and gold lettering sewn on opposite coloured banners. Our sincere thanks to Ken Mears for all his efforts. We now have the ground work for a better one next year. We had heaps of visitors on our Bus - 3 from UK, 4 from Brisbane Qld, 4 from Perth WA, a straight, married couple from Adelaide SA, 1 from Malta and 1 from New Caledonia, plus our guys and Mrs Madrigal. We had 53 passengers in total, who were all blown away by the magnificent response were received from the large crowd lining the Parade Route.

The next two photos show the banners in great detail that we used. Gold lettering on Red background : Red lettering on Gold background

MAG is pleased that we will be able to add to these banners for next year. We received a number of compliments on how the Bus looked - you could not miss us !

A great shot taken by Michelle from Photomedia - Peter in red on the left of Triple D M waving a pink Australian National Flag and the handsome Chi in a traditional Thai costume, as the MAG contingent passes by the Court House Hotel, Taylor Square, Darlinghurst in the 2008 Mardi Gras Parade

Erroll and Jon in PINK

A great photo of Paul and Tony - by Michelle from Photomedia

DDDM in Parade costume

Ken Mears - the creator of the outstanding banners for our 2008 Mardi Gras Parade Bus
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