MAG (Mature Age Gay) Sydney

2009 Mardi Gras Parade

Mardi Gras Theme: United Nations
MAG's Theme: MAG Salutes the World

Another view looking up Oxford Street - look at the crowds on either side of the barricades

Michelle's our photographer's Business Card

Erroll & Jon resplendent in pink

A great shot of our BUS bedecked with flags - Malta, USA, Scotland, NSW, England, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Australia - more on the other side.

This fabulous shot of our walking guys behind the MAG letters. The pic was taken from the top of our bus as we proceeded up Oxford Street, heading towards Taylor Square.

Another shot of the crowds, from top of the bus

Jon & Erroll on the top of our Bus in the Parade

Noel and Dame Edna both came down from Brisbane to be with us

The Yellow Beryls with Chai in purple

Lorraine from Wellington, NZ

Suzie Wong, Dame Dolly & Cleopatra

Noel, Caesar, DDDM, Colin, Graham. The bus in behind was the Virgin Airlines Double Decker Bus

Two Dames: Dame Dolly Devine of Marrickville, Dame Edna Average from Brisbane

Cleopatra, Peter & Damian

DDDM With two cuties before the Parade

Our 2 Zorros both had large swords

John and Ian

Two waiters give DDDM a drink. Love their hair do!
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