MAG (Mature Age Gay) Sydney

Pics from our 19th Birthday Party

Michael, Ed & David

Your Committee cut MAG's 19th Birthday Cake ! From left to right - John, David, Erroll, Bradley, Mario and Joe

John, John, Les, Erroll, Bradley & John

Harry, Joe & Brian

Ann-Marie's pic of the cutting of our 19th Birthday Cake, that appeared in 15.9.2010 issue of the Sydney Star Observer. L-R Dawn, Erroll, Steve and Michael

Mario & James

David With Morris and Sammy our cute waiter. Sammy was from Waiters in the Buff - telephone 8078 4633. Sammy wore a collar with bow tie, cuffs and a black apron to cover his front [his rear was not covered]. Sammy did wear a feathered boa for a time.

John, Erroll & Harry

Sammy our cute waiter

Erroll admires our magnificent Birthday Cake

David With Joe who had a really great outfit, together with his dead fox over his shoulder.

Ken adjusts Suzie's [Lionel's] cleavage

Steve with Michael

Sammy our waiter takes the birthday cake away to be cut up for us to enjoy.

Erroll, Joe & Richard
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