MAG (Mature Age Gay) Sydney

Fair Day 2011

Sunday, 20th February 2011

MAG was again noticed by lots of people at this year's Fair Day. It was reported that over 70,000 people were present. The storm did not eventuate, but it was hot and humid.

Lionel, Erroll, Zita and her friend enjoy the shade whilst enjoying the sights. Zita tries to wake President Erroll who was working very hard [having a little Nana nap & dead to the world]. Dr Eddie is behind Lionel who is wearing a pink lei. Also, on the right of the photo you can see a side shot of Dame Dolly holding her pink fan behind a man's head, with other guys looking on. This is what DDDM was doing all day with the photos taken of her with her adoring fans.

Jon and Erroll at Fair Day

Our Stall with the Jams, Plants & Books. Mario is serving some customers. John's Dame Dolly Orange Marmalade was a huge seller - apparently. The mini chew Jams for people with false teeth went well too

Erroll and John

Glenn & David at the Raffle Table

Lewis and Joe at the Raffle Table. Tony sits at the side of the customers

Dame Dolly with two hunks -- nice way to advertise

Jon and Lewis at the Raffle Table. Harry sitting at the back. Thanks Lewis for your time

Dame Dolly Devine of Marrickville poses under her parasol and carrying a hand bag that were designed by the creative & talented Marcia Monterey of Muswellbrook. DDDM received many compliments on her outfit, and she inturns wishes to acknowledge and sincerely thank Marcia.

Christine from Scone. Christine's pic appeared in 'SSO'

Lionel with David's camera

Damian and Lewis at the Raffle Table. Harry & John behind Lionel with a pink lei manning in our Stall. Just love the flowers in those Hats

Dame Dolly's Official photo

Ken's Wine Raffle Pyramid
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