MAG (Mature Age Gay) Sydney

Diamond Tiara Event

MAG guys celebrating Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee as our monarch at MAG's Queen's birthday celebrations held on 9th June.

Geoff, Jim [smiling] and Ben with some of the decorations in the background.

The guys in the decorated Café.

Ron in the foyer

Michael and Alan Alan needs to practice his royal wave - ha ha

Gerry and Phil. Just love Gerry's stiff upper lip and salute; which by the way is incorrect, as he is wearing a Naval cap but giving an Army salute, with thumb bent - another no no.

The guys in the decorated Café.

Mario & Erroll holding court

Jim and Ben Ben also needs to practice on his royal wave - ha ha.

Doug working in the kitchen, cleaning up

Les and Colin Colin lives at Murrumburrah

Laurie and Eric with their colourful Tiaras

Sgt Mjr Dolly Pepper salutes as Geoff displays his royal photo

Prince Lionel and Joe. Lionel looks like an usher from Hoyts - ha ha

Paul and Tony in front of an Opera House flag - it was displayed upside down - for distress

Neville was surprised!

Poster for our Party

Joe, as a middle eastern princess, with a Tiara

Ken very smart!

It is not Benny Hill! Dolly Pepper "Attention!"
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