MAG (Mature Age Gay) Sydney

Photo Gallery

Our 24th Anniversary Party

Trip to two Temples

2015 Mardi Gras Parade

2015 Mardi Gras Fair Day

Our 2014 Christmas Social

MAG's 23rd Birthday Party

MAG Members Out and About

MAG's Trip to Israel & Egypt 2014

Afternoon Tea Delight 2014

Mardi Gras Parade 2014

2013 Sydney Great Train Expo

2013 Sydney Vivid Display

2013 Fair Day

2013 Seniors Week Achievement Award

Our 2012 Christmas Party

Our 21st Anniversary

Diamond Tiara Event

2012 Parade

2012 Fair Day

Red, White & Blue Evening

2011 Chrissy Pics

Parramatta Pride Picnic 2011

MAG's 20th Anniversary

Mardi Gras Parade 2011

Fair Day 2011

2010 Christmas Party

19th Birthday Party

Mardi Gras Parade 2010

Fair Day 2010

Halloween 2009

2009 Chrissy Party

Brian's 90th Birthday

Our 18th Celebrations

Birthday Boys
John & Harry

Mardi Gras Parade 2009

Fair Day 2009

Xmas Party 2008

17th Birthday Party

Christmas in July 2008

Mardi Gras Parade 2008

Fair Day 2008

Harbour Cruise 2008

Chrissy Party 2007

Sweet 16th Birthday Party

Nigel's 59th Birthday

Sydney Harbour Bridge's 75th Birthday

Red White & Blue Social Evening

Member Portraits

2007 Mardi Gras Parade

2007 Fair Day

Chrissy Party 2006

Tour of Thailand 2006

MAG's 15th Birthday Party

Mardi Gras Parade 2006

Fair Day 2006

Christmas Party 2005

Christmas in July 2005

Outing to Berry 2005

Polly's 40th Birthday

Tour of Turkey 2005

Hunter Valley 2003
MAG is committed to the health and welfare of the mature-aged gay and bisexual men.   |   We have no political or religious affiliations.

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