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Guest Speakers

Professor John Snowden - 26th February 2005
Suicide and its Prevention
A Talk by Bunny Gibson - 13 November 2004
Our evening with Michael Kirby - 24 April 2004
Tony Laffan - 25 October 2003
Family History
Phil Scott - 13 July 2002
Serious Cabaret
Brad Gray - 29 June 2002
Street Safety
Brendon and Mark - 8 June 2002
The Sydney Gay 2002 Gay Games VI and Cultural Festival
Michael Schembri - 11 May 2002
Adam - 27 April 2002
The Art of Bodyshaving
Professor Jeffrey Ringer - 30 March 2002
Male Love Stories
Brian Nicholls - 12 January 2002
A Saucepan In The Sky
John Marsden - 24 November 2001
Gay men should be political
Sgt Matt O'Neill - 27 October 2001
NSW Police Service
Joanne Coleman - 25 August 2001
A Part time-girl
Peter Whitford - 28 July 2001
Mexicans with Mobiles


Michael Schembri - Guest Speaker on 11 May 2002

FM radio station 2SER in Sydney leads Australia's Alternative Radio network. It broadcasts continuously from the Tower building of UTS on Broadway and its staffed all day every day by volunteers. The music is great and the programs challenging because people like Michael Schembri help compile them. Without them, the kings of talkback radio would rule the world. Michael became a force at Gaywaves around the same time as Steve Ostrow founded Mature Age Gays.

If you read the Sydney Star Observer you'll know he recently locked horns with Chris Puplick, head of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board. He's that kind of guy - he comes out with pistols blazing. It was great to have him come and share his views about human rights and the homophobic challenges to gay rights round the world today.

Cherish your freedom, remember your struggles. And if there's a disc jockey or newsreader still locked inside you, why not give them a call? They need you, they want you. Gaywaves, 2SER 107.3 FM, can be heard on Thursday evenings at 7.30 pm until 8.30 pm.

MAG is committed to the health and welfare of the mature-aged gay and bisexual men.   |   We have no political or religious affiliations.

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