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Because most members of MAG are approaching the twilight years, we are interested in those aspects of medicine, including diet and alternative therapies, which can enable us to maintain our health and fitness.  Also, being gay men, we are interested in the medical aspects of the prevention of HIV-AIDS in our day to day lives and prevention of the spread of HIV-AIDS throughout the community.  We are particularly interested in current treatments for persons with HIV-AIDS.

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Hepatitis A is on the rise

Hep A causes vomiting, abdominal pain and jaundice and can last for upwards of 8 weeks. To prevent Hepatitis A, get vaccinated.

Hepatitis A infection is increasing in Sydney gay men. It is spread by tiny particles of contaminated shit entering the mouth. This can happen in every day contacts - not just during sex.

Hepatitis A is serious, especially for HIV positive people.

Vaccination is your only guarantee of not getting infected!!

Wash your hands after you take a shit, after any sex and before eating. Use running water and liquid soap. Dry them on a fresh clean towel.

See your local doctor or sexual health clinic for the vaccine - Get immunised NOW!!

MAG is committed to the health and welfare of the mature-aged gay and bisexual men.   |   We have no political or religious affiliations.

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