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Because most members of MAG are approaching the twilight years, we are interested in those aspects of medicine, including diet and alternative therapies, which can enable us to maintain our health and fitness.  Also, being gay men, we are interested in the medical aspects of the prevention of HIV-AIDS in our day to day lives and prevention of the spread of HIV-AIDS throughout the community.  We are particularly interested in current treatments for persons with HIV-AIDS.

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  1. Arousal creates a fresh supply of the five neurotransmitters that make you feel good. Even when you're too weary for activity, remember that cuddling is as important as thrusting; kissing and holding hands are as soothing to many as standing at a glory hole is for others. When you're alone, test that new 'leather-scented' lube as you hit the Replay button on the 11th minute of 'Hot Brazilian Truckers'.

  2. Over at Gay Games, they're whispering it to everyone: if you want to lose weight then remember that a bonk burns anything from 200 to 400 calories.

  3. And my colleague 'Doctor on the Loose' said to remind you about the 30% boost that bonking produces in IgA (a natural chemical that helps fight infection).

  4. Men who watch 20 hours of television or more a week are twice as likely to develop Type 2 (late-onset) diabetes as men who limit themself to an hour or less. Why are you laughing? Are you over 50? Diabetes is a real possibility. Unless it's hereditary, however, you can prevent it. Do more exercise, eat less and better, make love more often.

    Don't panic but remember this: sometimes there are no symptoms.

    Don't ignore what's happening: if you feel tired and lethargic, piss often, get frequent infections, have blurred vision or numb/tingling feet or legs, go to a gay doctor tomorrow because guys often dismiss the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes as just another sign of ageing. Are you often thirsty? That's another warning sign.

    Type 2 diabetes is usually controlled by healthy eating and regular exercise; some blokes do require tablets but some have to inject insulin.

The web sites to check are Diabetes Australia and Lifetoolz.

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