MAG (Mature Age Gay) Sydney

MAG's Sub-committees

The MAG Executive Committee is empowered to set up subcommittees. Currently, MAG has a variety of active subcommittees including:

MAG members are active in ACON packing days for safe sex kits, and in fighting for justice for gays in the community.

MAG is committed to the health and welfare of the mature-aged gay and bisexual men.   |   We have no political or religious affiliations.

MAG Sydney INC | 414 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010 | Follow us on Facbook

This website is owned, registered to and maintained by MAG SYDNEY INCORPORATED.
Funds to perform all of the above actions are made by way of donations and fundraising by MAG members and friends.
MAG does not receive any funding for this website from ACON.